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Music Theory
By the time most students decide to work towards the Grade 5 Theory exam, they will have picked up quite a lot of information naturally, during the process of learning their instrument, so it is often a case of filling in any gaps in the knowledge required for the first few grades.

As each grade builds on the previous one, it is necessary to ensure all material has been thoroughly covered, although it is not a requirement to take the earlier exams.

Lessons are individual, so each student moves through the material at their own pace, and can be entered for the exam when they are ready. Homework is always given.

Hour-long lessons are recommended in order to have sufficient time to go through work done in the previous week, and for explanation of new concepts.
Recently the entry process for the Theory exam system has changed substantially.  Exams up to Grade 5 are now taken online, and can be entered and taken at any time to suit the student.

The majority of people only study as far as Grade 5 Music Theory, which is required by the ABRSM exam board before taking Grade 6 and above on your instrument.  Music theory lessons are also available for those rare students wishing to work for the higher grades.
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