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Total beginners are welcome, adults and children alike.

Many adults wish they had learned to play an instrument earlier in life ... it is never too late to start.  (My oldest student - so far! - rang me to start lessons at the age of 89!!)

Enthusiasm and interest, along with a willingness to learn are the main prerequisites for learning any instrument.

I would advise total beginners not to try playing the instrument at home before the first lesson. Learning the correct hold & blowing technique from the start reduces the chance of developing bad habits which would then need to be un-learned later.

Students should aim to practice daily - in the early stages just 10-15 minutes a day is plenty.

Associated costs - instrument purchase; music books; music stand.
Please note - it is always advisable to find a teacher and discuss your instrument and music book purchases with them before buying.  Be wary of buying from unknown sellers (e.g. online) as one can't be sure the instrument will be of sufficiently good quality.
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