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Advanced students are Grade7-8 level or above.

You will have a good command of your instrument and a solid understanding of scales & arpeggios, and be working on advanced pieces.  There may be occasional technical issues that need addressing but mostly this is now about approach, and can be as much psychological/imagination as physical.

This is where the fun really starts!  So much music to explore and so much musical interpretation and technical skill to be utilised.  There are always ways to improve your playing.  Lessons are sometimes as much discussion over the finer points as actual playing.

Lessons can cover repertoire, increasing range, increasing technical ability, transposition, playing by ear and improvising … the list is probably endless.
Enthusiasm and interest, along with a willingness to learn are always a requirement … and then the sky’s the limit!

Students should aim to practice daily - ideally for a minimum of 1-2 hours every day.
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